Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well....Now What!?

I am so shocked by the number of people who have asked me where I finished up on my 30 Before 30 List and what I'll be posting now that it's done. Additionally, I am AMAZED at how many of you have told me that I've inspired you in some way! I'm pretty sure that's the best compliment you can recieve. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I started this
blog way back in August of 2009 and wasn't really sure what would happen with it or where it would go. With the creation of the LIST, things really picked up and I can't believe it turned into such a fun adventure!

I have big plans for the future of this blog and as it gets shaped into its new form I will continue to post various projects and happenings. The first thing I feel I must post is where I ended up on the list! I didn't write about all of my items because, honestly, I thought they'd be boring posts, but you can link back to MOST of them.

Unfortunately, I did not complete the list. :( There are five items that are not crossed off BUT I will NOT give up! I am still working on these five things and can't wait to cross them off......what I guess is now some kind of bucket list...

Seriously....I really need to get to a place with karaoke...can you believe in the last 7 months I wasn't around a karaoke bar once!?? I know...I'm super lame.

Anyway, thanks again for all the feedback, fun notes and compliments on the 30 Before 30 adventure! Here's where I finished up!

1. Run a marathon

2. Keep a Plant Alive for 6 months

3. Join Junior League of FC

4. Read 5 "Classic" Novels

5. Plant a Tree

6. Go Vegan for a week

7. Sing Karaoke Solo

8. Take Writing Class/Workshop

9. Try Pilates

10. Go Skydiving

11. Ride the Poudre in a Sea-bearing vessel

12. Learn to cook John's favorite Gourmet Meal

13. Write a Children's Book

14. Watch 5 "Classic" Movies

15. Volunteer at Church

16. Learn to Knit

17. Watch the Godfather Trilogy, Beginning to End

18. Take a Self Defense or Karate Class

19. Read the Entire Bible

20. Take a Cheesy, Kissing Photo on a beach with my Spouse

21. Write a Non-Profit Business Plan

22. Stop being a Procrastinator

23. Learn to Cook 5 Meals

24. Ask for and/or Receive a Raise

25. Give Blood

26. Invest More in Future/Retirement Plans

27. Achieve a "Flat" Stomach

28. Go Deep Sea Fishing

29. Relearn the Piano & Master One Song

30. Try Kickboxing


  1. so proud of you stacey!!!! :):):)

  2. This is really great girl...I had a bucket list after I graduated high school. With the list it is so amazing how much you actually accomplish....although I can't say I accomplished that much these days. I am inspired by your goals but more by your happiness and enthusiasm to achieve them. Absolutely awesome.