Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Before 30: Item 16

My girlfriends and I have been working on establishing a tradition we've dubbed the Sunday Funday Club where we get together once a month on a Sunday and do some kind of activity that we've all wanted to do (i.e. go to a museum, visit a pumpkin patch, etc). Inspired by Item 16: Learn to Knit, my great friend Amy volunteered her time to host a Sunday Funday Club to teach us.

Amy, Sheila, Kelly and I got together last Sunday to spend the afternoon knitting washcloths and had an incredible time! Amy provided each of us with knitting notebooks chock full of information such as abbreviations, patterns and "how to" guides.

Here she is! She's a great teacher :)

I'm not exactly a crafty girl but feel that I picked up knitting rather quickly! We learned how to make slip knots, cast on (basically getting the yarn on the knitting needles) and the difference between knitting and purling (but only Sheila was advanced enough to actually purl...Kelly and I stuck to knitting).

Here's my beginning of a washcloth!

After we got started, Amy came around to each of us to help us find a knitting rhythm and to fix any errors or mistakes we had made. While the yarn turned from balls into washcloths, we chatted and giggled the afternoon away. We took a short break to enjoy homemade apple pie ala mode and some hot tea. It was delicious!


I've spent the last week working on my new washcloth and am excited to start my next project....a scarf! A big thanks to Amy for being a great teacher and thanks to Sheila and Kelly for learning a new skill with me! Item 16: Learn to Knit is officially complete :)

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  1. Love that picture of you! You are beautiful! Well done Mrs. McBride!
    Lindz Hamilton