Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Alert:

I've wanted to be like my younger sister, Kate, for years.....I have tried and tried to be a stylish gal and stay in the know with the latest fashions. Well, unlike my sister, I am somehow missing that gene that ques my brain to trendsetting fashions, eye-catching accessories and creating a fabulous look.

So...I cheat! And with a website like this easy!

This site not only offers shopping, but the ability to create looks with their items online so you can see how it will all come together. And better yet, they provide you with all of the looks the super-trendy have already put together so you don't have to fret about the right shoe, bracelet or jacket. Check it out

I love this combo myself...its got me ready for spring!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fitness: Yoga

Always put off by yoga, assuming it wouldn't be a hard enough workout, I was shocked when after my first 1-hour session I was sore! And felt good! Over time, I've improved my balance (when barefoot....and sober), improved my flexibility, have toned up and I feel stronger in my running! 

At the Fort Collins 24 Hour Fitness, they offer Yoga several times a week from several different instructors and at varying levels of difficulty. The classes are included in your monthly or annual membership and they have gyms all over the country! Sales pitch over...back to yoga. 

I occasionally participate in the Sunday or Monday classes (well...I'm going to start again soon) and love the relaxed and re-energized feeling that only yoga can bring. My favorite move, Final Savasana, is the last move of each session and literally release all stress or anxiety from your body. You'll leave feeling stress-free, ready for a hot cup of tea and....bendy.

If you don't have a gym nearby that offers yoga at a reasonable price, then get yourself a fun yoga matt and try this workout in your own house: Yoga Workout

Also, doing yoga is a fun excuse to get some cute yogini clothes. Check out Lululemon for fun (but slightly pricey) fashions!