Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 Before 30: Item 30

Kickboxing was AWESOME!!! (high-pitched squeal)

I've wanted to try kickboxing for quite awhile. Once, in college, I participated in one of those girl's boxing matches as a fundraiser for my rugby team (I was kind of tomboy.....and apparently chose violent sports....pent up aggression? Hard to say).

Anyway, I absolutely loved boxing...I sorta enjoyed punching the other girl in the face (it sounds bad but it was for a good cause), I loved the energy, I didn't even really mind being punched back (it doesn't hurt as much as you'd think and just really motivates you to jab, jab, jab).

Today, I can't say I'm excited to hop in a ring to get pummeled in the jaw, but I have missed the exhiliration and energy I found in that one, long-ago fight. Hopeful for a similar endorphin rush in a slightly safer environment, I added Item 30: Try Kickboxing to my list.

The class was exactly what I had hoped for. We got started immediately and from the very beginning we were bouncing, punching, kicking and jumping. We did uppercuts, jump rope, side-kicks, back-kicks, and jabs. The music was intense, fast and loud; I was breathing heavy and sweating within minutes of the start.

As we moved through the motions, I felt a little like I do at weddings when I drink enough to think I can actually dance and get up during the Electric Slide. I was one step behind and not really doing the same thing as everyone else, but I didn't care! I was having a blast and getting a major workout at the same time.

I kicked, jabbed and wiggled myself through the 60 minute class, literally smiling the whole time. Being a true cardio-junkie, this class really got me excited and I can't wait to go back again! I was so distracted by the whole session, I didn't manage to snap any shots, but I did have the instructor take this lovely photo before I left.

I will definitely be at kickboxing every week going forward! Pow-POW!

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  1. Heck yeah sisssy! That is an incredible workout, and who knows, if something shady goes down in Fo Co, you will be able to kick some ass!