Friday, March 26, 2010

A Great Night Out: 3 Fun Spots in FC!

Tonight from 4-6pm at Choice City Deli in Fort Collins, enjoy a tapping party of New Belgium's "Shadow of the Foeder". They only have approximately 80 beers of it, then its gone forever! Choice City Deli is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat afterwards as well! Their awesome menu includes fabulous market-fresh cuts of a wide variety of meats, good-sized entrees, an incredible sandwich menu and 15 beers on tap! Check them out tonight!

Also, thanks to the site Feasting Fort Collins, I've learned of a two new bars opening right here in Fort Collins! In the Armstrong Hotel, Ace Gillett's will be opening this Saturday night, featuring martini's and live music. Looking forward to an evening reminiscent of another time, I can't wait to atttend, sip on a extra-dry martini and take in some jazzy tunes.

Also opening this week, the Times Square Dueling Piano Bar & Grill promises sing-along piano songs and a "New York style with a western pull" menu. Sounds like a fun, fun weekend to me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fitness: Skiing!

Always a great workout, I've loved skiing since I was young.

However, four years ago I knocked myself out while skiing and ended up in the emergency room with a concussion...not a good story. I vowed to never again ski without a helmut and instead spent the last four years afraid of skiing and not going at all.....until my good friend Lindsey invited me to go.

To celebrate her fabulous birthday, we went in on a great condo and night-skiing package deal at the Getaway Lodge in Keystone, CO. It was a great weekend, full of friends, beer, glow-sticks, a little bubbly, oversized glasses and of couse skiing....

On the way up the moutain in the gondola (which I far prefer over the chair lift), I started getting that nervous, twicthing feeling of anticipation. My heart was pounding and my stomach did flip-flops at the sight of the snow-covered trails as we climbed higher and higher up the slope.

Jumping out of the gondala (so much better than trying to jump off a chair lift), I clicked on my rentals, adjusted my snug helmut and zipped my coat to the top. Staring over the edge at the start of the run, I had flashbacks of waking up in the First Aid lodge, not knowing what day it was and unsure of how I got there. Oh...I don't know about this!

Excited to get started right away, the rest crew jumped up and down the slope they went. I realized it was the time I'd been anticipating and I just had do it. I tentatively made my way down the top of the trail, remembering the feeling of skiis on my ankles and when to lift your foot or turn your knee. Thankfully the group stopped for a minute to make a run decision and I caught up, feeling slightly more confident.

I proceeded down the hill, already feeling the workout in my burning calves and thighs, thinking "I'm not gonna have to workout for at least two days!" I picked up speed and started following my spouse, always a better skier than I. I started going faster and faster, feeling the wind blush my cheeks and the snow fluff up behind my turns. I was feeling quite invincible with my helmut, but then made a mental note that just because my head was safe, didn't mean I wouldn't break every other bone in my body.

Slowing it down just a bit, we made it down the rest slope and back to the gondola to go up again. I made the whole way without so much as trip or stumble!! Horray!!

We spent the rest of the evening getting in as many runs as possible, taking in the beautiful sunset over the mountains and experiencing night-skiing for the first time ever! Finishing off the night with great food and friends, made it a perfect weekend and assured me that I'm definitely not afraid to ski again (with a helmut of course).

Photo Taken by Lindsey Hamilton

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yum!: Pizza Casbah

Just ate the most delicious pizza from Fort Collins local restaurant, Pizza Casbah! The thin herb crust and delicious toppings piled high onto very large slices came to together to make a terrific pie! 

We tried out the spicy garlic wings....I definitely recommend! They were meaty, spicy and cooked perfectly!!

Check them out for a great slice of pizza - they deliver, have carry out and offer dine-in! They're located downtown FC on Laurel!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashion Alert: Liberty of London @ Target

I'm so over winter....I can't wait until spring actually arrives with warm weather, sunshine, flowers and more hours of daylight! I'm especially excited for warmer-weather clothes including wedge sandals, floral patterns and flouncy skirts!! 

With spring fashion on the brain, I'm stoked to learn about Target's newest collaboration with Liberty of London! They're bringing their fabulous floral prints to Target in dresses, skirts, tops, dishes, accessories and more! I adore the bright colors and fun styles of their line and can't wait until it arrives! 

Pre-order has already started and expect to see the full line in stores by March 29th! 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Great Night Out: Road 34 Bike Shop

One of my favorite local watering holes is the Road 34 Bike Shop here in Fort Collins. 

This deli/bike shop/bar/concert hall is a blast! They've got inexpensive drinks, a great sandwich menu and book some of my favorite bands such as the Hickman-Dalton Gang, Roger Clyne, and Cracker.

The next show I'm thinking of checking out is The Samples on March 19th. They're a Colorado-native, indie-label band that I'm sure will put on a great show! 

Be sure to stop by the Road 34 Bike Shop anytime for a couple drinks, sandwich or even to buy a bike!