Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've Moved!

Thanks for stopping by!

You can now follow my new blog, Here's to Life, over at

Thank you for your continued readership!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Very Awesome Book

I found this today on one of my fave blogs (You Are My Fave). Reading through it instantly lifted my spirits. Instead of looking at my To Do list (which is shockingly long right now) and thinking, "Ugh," I looked at it and said, "Well, I'm thankful I have a job!"

So, that being said, I'm going to tackle that list (in efforts to keep the job I'm currently thankful for). I hope you take a few minutes to read An Awesome Book of Thanks (you can read the whole thing online) or even buy it and support this very fun, very creative author.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Happy 2011!! I love the feeling of a brand new year!!! There is so much to look forward to in the months ahead, but I also love the feeling of a fresh start that only a new year can bring. Being a list person (and if you follow this blog at all, it should come as no surprise that I'm kind of into making lists), I ALWAYS create New Year's Resolutions.

Of course, it seemed natural to pick 11 things.....

1. Finish Outstanding 30 Before 30 Items - I did fall 5 items short but will not stop until they are all crossed off!

2. Read 2-3 Books per Month - I desperately want to be a better writer. I figure...learn by example (and practice, practice, practice)! I hope to take in as many books as possible in 2011, starting with this one:

3. Redesign my Blog - There are loads of tools and layouts that I am currently not taking advantage of to elevate my blog to the next level. I plan to get started right away!

4. Save Up Down Payment for New Car - Old Nancy (the Jetta) is still kickin' after 212,000 miles but it is probably time for me turn her in for a younger model. Not-so-funny side note.....a couple of buddies of the spouse recently suggested he do the same for his wife, now that the "old" version has hit 30. Puh.

5. Bake Frequently - Doesn't this Irish Soda Bread make your mouth water? I could make this...I could.

Delicious Recipe & Image from here.

6. Get Organized & Be Punctual! - For some unknown reason, everyone just accepts that I'll be late everywhere. My friends, family and bosses have always been gracious and understanding when I rush in, out of breath and frantic, at least 10-15 minutes late for everything. It makes me feel TERRIBLE! The culprit...a severe lack of organization and trying to squeeze in too many things into small time frames.

7. Paint My Fingernails Frequently - And other girly, relaxing things I don't take the time to do.

8. Run in ONE race per month - Having an ongoing reason to train really keeps me motivated and on track with my running and other exercise. One race a month (whatever distance...most will be 5k) will help me feel like this over and over:

9. Enter a Writing Contest - Once again...I want get better at writing!! I hope that getting professional critiques and being judged will help (your feedback is also greatly appreciated)!

10. Drink Less...of Everything but Water - From my side-gig as a wine consultant to my spouse's home-brew hobby, I imbibe a bit too often. Additionally, my daily of coffee is getting out of control. So, in 2011, I'll be knockin' back more of the H2O and less of the other fav. beverages.

11. Write a Hand Written Note to One Friend or Family Member each Week - I'm thankful for each and every one of why not tell 'em? I completely stole this idea from a friend on FB and HERE.