Monday, September 28, 2009

SFC: Denver Art Museum

My fabulous friend, Jesse, had a brilliant idea that we've named the SFC, which means the Sunday Funday Club. Once a month, my closest gal pals get together for a Sunday afternoon activity that's a little outside our norm. It may be going to a museum, trying a new sport, taking a trip to a nearby town or attending a local event. We kicked off this great, soon-to-be tradition with a trip to the Denver Art Museum.

Enjoying a skinny vanilla latte, I sat in the backseat of Sheila's Passat in a green-and-white striped racerback jersey dress with black leggings, flats and a belted black cardigan sweater. Taking in the beautiful Colorado landscape, I stared out the window at the Colorado Rocky Mountains which jutted out of the earth, reaching to the clear blue sky with their dusted-white fingertips.

We arrived in Denver around 10:30am....and a note for future museum guests, the museum doesn't open until 12pm on Sunday's. With an hour and half to kill, we walked through the courtyard of Denver's Public Library looking for a snack and shooing pigeons (the rats of the sky). We came across a block with a couple of restaurants and viewed our options. On one side of the street, a green and yellow restaurant was bursting with families, a sign on the exterior promised of fresh baked donuts and the smell of coffee and brunch bounced along the breeze.

On the other side of the street, we took in an old mission-style building with a Brittish flag, red phone booth, wrap around front porch and not a soul in site but a very rugged, very muscular waiter. Intrigued, we took a closer look and discovered that it was not a breakfast restaurant, but a good ol' English pub, Pints Pub. Weighing our options....breakfast or beer....we chose the pub.

We enjoyed their home-brewed beers and a fabulous array of Brittish samplings. My plate included lox on a pumpernickel toast with tomatoes, onions and a wasabi mayonnaise. It was unbelievable! We took pictures in the phone book, talked about our waiter and enjoyed gabbing away with each other about life.

We made our way over the the museum a little after noon and found ourselves in a mecca of modern art. The museum building is a work of art in itself, with its surprising angles, modern titanium exterior and enormous courtyard sculptures. Inside, we found seven floors and eleven collections of art including African, American Indian, Oceanic, Modern & Contemporary, Pre-Columbian, Western, Asian, Textile, European & American and Architecture, Design & Graphics.

A little overwhelmed, we made our way through each collection noting pieces that were beautiful, inspiring, interesting, or...lets face it...just plain weird. An artist I am not, but spending the day surrounded by the creativity of individuals throughout time and all over the world awakened an inner desire to create something interesting of my own (someday...maybe).
Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit the 6th floor due to a exhibit in transition. The 6th floor held the Architecture, Design & Graphics and European & American Art collections, which are the two collections I'm most interested. Typical. However, the highlights of the Denver Art Museum included the Fox Games exhibit, the Buddist Art, the Design wing and the colorful painting and digital numbers in the foyer of Hamilton Building

All in all, I couldn't ask for a better day of friendship, food, beer and art! I will be back to visit the Denver Art Museum soon, to see the newest collections and take in the 6th floor!!

Look for an update about our October SFC....Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back Home....

Landing at the airport is so much more exciting when you see familiar faces awaiting your arrival with grins and hugs.....and champagne! After a long flight from Denver to the east coast, I was greeted by my mom and sister and A LOT of giggles for a quick weekend trip to NJ.

My whirlwind weekend included several fabulous restaurants: Mangiamo's in Toms River, Meg's Grill in Lavalette and Taka in name a few. I took a trip to the beach for seashell collecting with my mom and sister (see pic of Mom above), went to visit the Stone Pony in Asbury Park (where Bruce Springsteen got his start) and of course had lots of fun with cousins, aunts, and grandma.

While in Asbury Park, we stumbled upon an exciting and unique event, Yappy Hour at the Wonderbar!! Every Thursday and Saturday evening, the Wonderbar is open to man's best friend for a dog-friendly social event where the canines run leash-free! The pups enjoy some extra attention and adorn their newest doggie-garb while their owners sip cocktails and boast about Fido's latest accomplishments. It was truly one of the most fun activities I've ever enjoyed!

I left the trip exhausted, but couldn't be happier to have been with my family and on the east coast. On the flight back to Colorado, I thought about my life and family. Being with my mom and sister and seeing the ocean in Seaside always results in post-vacation personal reflection.

I am thankful for my family and cherish them deeply. I love the places I travel and the city I call home. I couldn't ask for a better husband, more fabulous friends or a more lovable dog and I thank God for giving them to me every day. I know this life is stressful and crazy, but reflecting on the wonderful, interesting people and beautiful places this world so unselfishly offers can calm my soul and ease unrest. It makes me happy to be alive and eager to enjoy what will come....which hopefully includes more Yappy Hours.