Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Can Take the Girl Outta Jersey....

Long before Snooki and the Situation, there was Stevie D., Richie, Nel, Rad, Rachel, Swan, Log, Sista and Jon Boy.  The real Jersey Shore, for my entire life, was visiting my cousins in Toms River, crossing the bridge to Seaside Heights, eating pizza at the Sawmill, drinking Yuengling at the Beach Bar and sometimes jumping into the Atlantic in the middle of the night.  Not too many people understand it, as not too many people are best friends with their siblings and cousins, but even though I was raised on the plains of Wyoming, Jersey will always feel like home.

This week, my family lost two members of our eldest generation and we are simultaneously waiting for the arrival of our newest, youngest generation. It breaks my heart to be so many miles away, but thankful for every visit I’ve been able to enjoy over the years.

On my most recent trip, I brought my good friend Lindsey to experience the Garden State. Although the Jersey Shore has become famous for spray tans, working out and clubbin’ it, that’s not the scene I introduced her to.....

My Jersey Shore is big, family events with mouth-watering, good food, lots of laughter, day trips to NYC, and dancing around the living room to Billy Joel with my Polish, Italian and Irish cousins until 1am.

Is there anything more fun that? Quite simply, no.  

The Jersey Shore


I mentioned mouth-watering, good food

The Mom & Dad To-Be

Some of my Family :)


The John Lennon Imagine Exhibit. 
Have I mentioned I think I'm the reincarnated spirit of John Lennon?? He died late in the evening on December 8th, 1980....I was born early on December 9th...the Beatles are my favorite band....

Cousin Rich & Me

The Exhibit & my Sista

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