Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, its been awhile since my last post. My apologies to my two followers.

On April 23rd, a very special event took place, Wyoming Art for the Cure! It was an incredible evening full of amazing artwork, great food, spirits and a fabulous crowd all helping us raise money to find a CURE for breast cancer!!! 

Post-party celebration at the Cloud 9 Airport Bar in Cheyenne was too fun to describe (also, my wine-infused memory of it is a bit fuzzy, so its best if I don't try). Then I jumped a flight to Boston for 5 days for a work conference. It was a fun, yet exhausting, trip. Let me tell ya, risk management is a very exciting you can imagine.  Are you picking up the sarcasm? Cause I'm layin' it on pretty thick. 

Well, now that things have settled a bit, I'll get back on the blogging band-waggon. Somehow I just realized this week that my 30th birthday is sneaking up on me (7 months and 4 days away...ah!) and I got a great suggestion from a good friend to make a 30 Before 30 List. The List is the 30 random and not-so-random things I'd like to mark as DONE before I embark on the next decade. It'll be coming soon.....

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