Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 Good Books: Handler & Godin

This month I read two very different, but equally interesting books: 
My Horizontal Life - By Chelsea Handler and  The Big Moo - By The Group of 33, edited by Seth Godin.

My Horizontal Life - Everyone loves to hear about the alcohol-infused mishaps and sexual adventures of others (makes us feel better about our own indiscretions) and this book is both! This HILARIOUS collection of Chelsea Handler's one-night stands and vodka-tales kept me laughing from beginning to end! I recommend this book to anyone who has listened to a girlfriend's walk-of-shame story, understands the occasional need for a stiff drink or just enjoys a good laugh.

The Big Moo - I've read a lot of self-help books and got bored with all the "secrets", inspirational affirmations and personal soul I switched to Business motivational books for a new source of uplifting material. The Big Moo is just that, a Chicken Soup for the Soul of sorts, for tell them to stop trying to be Perfect and start being Remarkable! Of course, the stories can be applied to any personal situation as well, so even if you don't run your own company or plan to start a business, you can be Remarkable every day in anything you'd like. 

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