Thursday, June 10, 2010

30 Before 30: Status Update

In efforts to achieve Item 22 (Stop being a Procrastinator), I've been working on a few tasks for the 30 Before 30 list this week. The most important one was to purchase the plant that I plan to keep alive for 6 months (Item 2) because June 9 was exactly 6 months before my 30th birthday (I guess I'm not doing too good on Item 22 just yet).

So Wednesday was June 9th, which I found it to be a particularly good day overall. After a visit to Sprouts to get some veggies and fruit, I drove over to Lowe's and found my way through grills, tools and paint to the Indoor Plant section. My attention quickly turned to several little plants in pink and white pots labeled "Exotic Angel Plants." I started looking at all the different types of green, leafy seedlings when my eyes came to rest upon one with dark, waxy leaves. Intrigued, I read the little shrub's tag and gasped as I took in the title, "Coffee Plant." A coffee plant! It had never even occurred to me that I could have my very own plant capable of producing the sweet, sweet nectar of coffee beans. I couldn't think of a better plant for me, a true coffee connoisseur.

Thrilled with my little shoot, I texted my sister a rambling message about coffee and shrubbery and beamed all the way to the check out stand. Just to be on the safe side, since my history with house plants is littered with hundreds of dried-up, brown sticks shooting out of ceramic pots, I also grabbed a small bamboo because I hear they're hard to kill (although I have successfully murdered a bamboo in my dark days as a greenery serial killer). Plus, now I have one in my home office and one at my regular office.

A few other items I've been slowly working on include printing off and filling out my registration form for the Boulder Backroads Marathon on September 19th (Item 1)! I'm six chapters in to Catch 22, my first of 5 "Classic" novels (Item 4) and I'm 37 pages into the Bible (Item 19)....that is a looooong book. A couple weeks ago I signed up on the wait list for a Self-Defense class (Item 18) and I made arrangements with my friend Amy to learn to knit (Item 16) of handmade washcloths coming soon.

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