Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rock Concert Fall

RCPM - 11.7.09
My favorite band on earth is Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. In November of this year, I saw them in concert for probably the 15th time. They have a 90's southwest rock and roll sound that literally shakes me to my core. I had invited some good friends along to experience their unique style, rowdy crowds and beautiful lyrics and had a very fun, very memorable evening!

The concert took place at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO. They belted out their fan's favorites including Mekong (which is my favorite), Tow Chain, and Leaky Little Boat. I closed my eyes and swayed slowly with my spouse during Green & Dumb with disco ball lights twinkling around the room. I rushed the stage during the encore and sang along with every word!

Post-concert, in my usual groupie-fashion, I immediately ran out to the alley behind the Aggie where the band parks the bus. I smiled for photos and collected autographs from Roger Clyne himself as well as lead guitarist Jim Dalton. Always an incredible show, I can't wait until they come back in February at the Road 34 Bike Shop in Fort Collins. Tix are always cheap and everyone can dance and shoot tequila to an RCPM song, regardless of the type of music you like.

One of the best bands I have ever seen live is Social D. Mike Ness is truly one of the most talented singers/guitarists/song writers in the music industry today and since 1983 when the band was founded.

A southern California punk band, Social D. rocked the Aggie at Fort Collins, selling out the show in under 2 hours. Packed into the small theatre, surrounded by punk lovers new and old, Social D. played hours of favorite hits including Prison Bound, Mommy's Little Monster, Highway 101 and my favorite, the Story of my Life.

The only other time I've seen Social D. they were incredible, but the energy and excitement they created in the cramped little Aggie theatre took my concert experience far beyond most any I've ever attended. I hit up their website every few weeks to find out when they might be coming back our way!

Cracker - 9.1.09
A great band to see live is Cracker. Everyone knows Cracker from their top-hit, Low..."I'll be with you girl, like bein' low, Hey hey hey like bein stoned" but this band offers 17 years of alternative rock songs and just released their eighth album, Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey, in early 2009.

A Cracker concert is a special event in Fort Collins, CO due to Loveland-native, Johnny Hickman. As lead guitarist, Johnny puts on a incredible show in his home-area. Cracker fans are relaxed, they dance casually and sing-along to every word of the group's collection of great songs. Cracker usually stops by Fort Collins once a year or so, I'm looking forward to their next trip!

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